Saturday, March 26, 2016

English knowledge of pharmaceutical companies

I am just wondering what pharma companies are trying to do with entering fancy English words or sentence. "Crimp" how many people knows what is crimp and how can one easily know what is crimp?

Why don't you people simply enter what is the manufacturing date and expiry date directly? Are you running out of space in your medicine or trying to break the head in searching the relevant details? 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Unlimited meals

last week when I had my lunch in my office cafeteria, I saw 2 ladies sharing food. It always give joy when sharing. Real scene started here 1 girl bought a unlimited meal and her friend also shared it with her. What a friendship? Like this if company gives salary to 1 person and asked them to share for their work how good it will be? After seeing these real-time scene directors are adding it in their films.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lunch at 8.30 AM

Today went to an upanayanam function where the Muhutham was between 7 and 8.15 AM. After which I went to had function breakfast but there was a big surprise waiting for me. It was a direct lunch. I had my lunch where no option left out because I was so hungry. But it was a different experience to have lunch at morning. So nice thanks Sriram for giving this different experience.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

problem with yahoo mail server???

Is there any problem with yahoo mail server. I am not able to connect from my mobile as well as from laptop. But when I configure as outlook in mobile it works. I am from testing background but not for yahoo.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

annoying toll attitude

After reading my friends blog ( regarding toll, I remembered another irritating thing which I faced in Chennai - Muduraivoil toll. Toll person tried to impose Hindi on me where he doesn't know Tamil or English.  He spoke to me something in Hindi when I give him the correct change, I told him "I don't know Hindi" in Tamil. He understands what I am saying and replied me in a Butler Tamil Learn Hindi if you need to speak with our guys and its our national language. Immediately I got down from my car and slapped him for saying that word. People crowded in that area and the same guy and his supervisor apologized and then onwards I did not see him there. I have no intention to go against Hindi, but things flashed in my mind before slapping him are what is the necessity to learn Hindi when I don't want to go out from my native? Where the hell did he learn Hindi is our national Language? And this little poor guy doesn't have a job in his own state and came to my native for his next day food, but asking me to learn his language which I can not tolerate? He showed his attitude and that made me to show mine.
This toll people are born to irritate every other persons in all the aspects.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

one of the lucky day

Lucky day...... One day in a last week after when I took my new honda dio... Petrol total dry when I come to hasthinapuram bus stand from my home which is nearly 1 km from my home. Luckily Kesavan my son's school van driver came in that way and picked my son Bharath and he dropped him in his school. I kept my bike in a near by coffee powder shop and went to petrol  bunk petrol in Kumaran kundram which is again a km from where i parked my bike by walk because I did not get any lift or auto or bus. After I reached petrol bunk I searched  bottle for almost 15 mins to fill petrol. And last I got a bottle which I can fill petrol for only for 30 rs. Again I reached my bike by walk and took bike to fill petrol in chitlapakkam bp bunk. Again my luck started with no normal petrol there and filled speed petrol for 100 rs. Finally reached home by 9.25. Then had a bath, make up and finally by 9.33 I entered cab. But I didn't made cab to wait for me. Cab came my place and I entered on time and reached office on time.

After a long long years..

2 good things happened in my life time today. After 3+ years I met my close friend Anand in his Cogzidel office. We spent around 3 hours but we finished 35 years story. It was a good time. We didn't think of taking photographs also. Next good thing started my blogger after 3 years. Great day with great things. Thanks for spending your time with me Anand.